About us

Toyota Motor Finance Netherlands is the Group Finance Company for the Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Group.

Who we are

We are the group finance company serving for Toyota’s finance business (Toyota Financial Service “TFS”). 

Company information

Provide loans in various currencies to 30+ TFS entities, mainly in Europe but also in Asia markets.

Actively funding in the international Capital Markets to ensure sufficient liquidity at all times and maintain diversified funding portfolio.

Market risk management activities through derivatives and associated collateral exchange.

Accounting and financial reporting, Legal, HR and IT provides critical roles to enhance robustness, resilience and efficiency of the company

Act as a group finance company for TFS entities.

Provide group loans to support growth of TFS business.

Optimize capital market funding in Europe and maximize economies of scale.

Be a resilient liquidity provider at all times.

Our culture is rooted in the Toyota Way, along with our core values including our quest for improvement and showing respect for all people, which guides us as we work together to create the future of mobility and make the world a better place.

​​​​​​​We are focused on creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to bring their authentic selves to work, knowing that the best ideas come from diverse teams of all backgrounds.

Established in August 1987

Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

100% owned by Toyota Financial Service Corporation (“TFSC”), ultimately owned by Toyota Motor Corporation (“TMC”)

Where are we located

Toyota Motor Finance (Netherlands) B.V.

World Trade Center Amsterdam, Tower One, Level 26,

Zuidplein 218, 1077 XV Amsterdam, The Netherlands